Hello and welcome to my life through the camera lens. You probably want to know a little about the person to whom you are entrusting your family memories. I could go on about how photography is my passion and love (which it is), and I could show you my beautiful, polished family photo (which I will because it’s the only time you’ll ever see me wearing make-up), but in all reality I’m a messy mom. Instead of foundation, my face is usually caked with either spit-up from a baby, flour from cooking, or dirt from playing outside with my son. For some reason, I always have something on my face; for the most part, I do try to make sure that includes a smile 🙂

I love life, unplanned mud masks and all, including the funny, crazy, even chaotic stuff that happens right before you capture that perfect family moment – the one you don’t want to forget.


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